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Man City 3-0 Liverpool Review

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In their first match of the season in their monumental City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester City successfully impressed in front of their faithful fans as well as Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, the owner who has been bankrolling the Man City revolution by convincingly beating Liverpool 3-0. This also banished the notion that Man City are just a bunch of lazy mercenaries who can only be bothered with their massive weekly paychecks, as well as the notion that it’s filled with foreign mercenaries and will surely be adversely affected or even crippled by the newly implemented squad number and homegrown player limits. In any case, there are a lot of talking points in the aftermath of this impressive victory against the teetering member of the Big Four of the Premier League.

First and foremost, I shall start with the player who managed to score a brace in the match, the Argentinian Carlos Tevez. To be frank, as a City fan, I was quite skeptical towards this player prior to the start of the season as after the World Cup fiasco in which Argentina was unceremoniously dumped by the impressive Germany side (and also before that) Tevez has been quoted a few times that he feels tired or even sick of football and that he does not enjoy playing the game anymore. To make matters worse for Man City fans especially, Tevez has also signalled intentions to retire from the game altogether at the age of 27, an age in which footballers are at their physical peak. Thus, it was really a welcomed relief for all of us that Tevez is up until now at least able to pick up where he left off in an amazing last season with Man City. Some quarters might blame him for egoism for desperately trying to claim Micah Richard’s goalbound header for his own, which he did, but I think it is a good thing to be hungry for goals, as goals are simply the synonym of success in football and when you are hungry for goals, you are hungry for success, and that is simply how to describe Tevez in the match against Liverpool last night. All in all, all Man City fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that Tevez is going to continue to be prolific in front of the goal as Man City’s main striker despite continuing calls from pundits and fans alike to play him either as a second striker or a partner to a more traditional targetmen such as Emmanuel Adebayor.

The second talking point would of course be the player with the number seven shirt in the Man City squad. This time, it was not donned by the volatile Steohen Ireland, but it was by the new signing James Milner, who has finally been signed from Aston Villa as a part exchange deal involving the aforementioned Stephen Ireland and not before a lengthy and protracted transfer saga. His debut was of course going to be under plenty of microscopes and his every move will be under scrutiny for the match. He ensured that his debut was a memorable one and that he got his City career springing into life right from the very first match by helping to create two of the three goals scored by Man City (the remaining one was a penalty by Tevez). While it seems that James Milner will ensure that Stephen Ireland is not missed, especially with his volatility that will do no good for the harmony of the dressing room, it remains to be seen if replacing a homegrown hero promoted from within with a luxurious expensive signing is really a wise move in the longer term, especially since Milner will need time to adjust to the new squad unlike Ireland who has been highly attuned with how Man City plays.

The third point of note, and yet another positive for Man City so far is the fact that unlike popular beliefs that the current Man City squad consists of foreign mercenaries and that they will be crushed by the new Premier League squad ruling mentioned in the first paragraph. However, if we look at the core of the current Man City squad, and from the starting squad of yesterday’s match against Liverpool, we are able to see how the sqad has a very heavy English contingent which forms the core of the team. Starting from the solid and in-form goalkeeper Joe Hart, defender Jolen Lescott who is finding his feet back to top form, Micah Richards who continues to show why he should be in the first team week in week out and almost scored a goal had it not because of Tevez claiming the goal, Gareth Barry who strives to prove he is not a money minded mercenary like how Liverpool fans want the world to believe, Adam Johnson who continues to pester Fabio Capello to give him the England number 11 shirt, and of course James Milner. Man City are still having Shaun Wright-Philips, Wayne Bridge, as well as others from the academy. New rules or not, Man City is ready anytime. This can only be good to the England national team of course, which is under severe criticisms from due to the massive failures  of the World Cup 2010.

After last night’s massive victory against Liverpool, the whole world have taken a massive U-Turn since the Tottenham game, from pundits around the world branding Man City as expensive failure, certain to head to doom, and anything of that sort, the worldwide media have been quick to heap praises after praises on Man City and there have been quite a few talk about Man City being a legitimate challengers for the BPL title right after the match against Liverpool. While football is a result driven sport and that people’s opinion on a football team is certainly shaped by the each result that a team carves out, we have to still be rationale and be realistic about it. The season is just 2 match-days old and the talk about title challenging is definitely too early.

We still have to remember as well that Man City was against Liverpool, while traditionally one of the best teams in England, they are just half of what they are used to be or even less right now, adding to the fact that this is not a stable team at the moment. In fact, this is a team in crisis on and off the pitch, from the uncertainties over the club’s ownership as the Chinese billionaire Kenny Huang has reportedly pulled out from bidding the Merseyside club, leaving them in the hands of their by now infamous two American co-owners. On the pitch, things are also not looking god for the Red side of Merseyside as the continuing Mascherano saga is still going on, and his reportedly imminent transfer to Barcelona certainly leaves a huge dent on the morale of the squad. Thus, the point is that, just like how Newcastle destroyed a beleaguered Aston Villa 6-0, Man City’s 3-0 victory against Liverpool should not be taken as if Man City is ready to win this season’s BPL title but while Man City fans worldwide have every reason to bask in this victory, it should be noted that the season has just started and there will be plenty more massive challenges n store for the Citizens.

Written by cp

24/08/2010 at 17:12

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