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Algeria 0-1 Slovenia World Cup 2010 Group C

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Slovenia managed to make history by notching their first ever win in the World Cup finals at the expense of Algeria. There’s not a lot to be taken notes of in this match as this match could have easily been a dour and boring 0-0 draw, save for the occasional chances from both teams as well as Slovenia defense’s error which provoked their keeper Samir Handanovic’s ire as well as the unnecessary fouls on Algeria’s number 9 Ghezzal culminating to his silly sending off which arguably catalyzed Slovenia’s victory in this match. It was an unfortunate and a wrong substitution made by Algeria’s veteran coach Rabah Saadane. The flashy haired striker’s first contribution on the pitch was a silly jersey pulling by the striker and his second yellow card was even sillier as he attempted a very twisted and silly version of Maradona’s Hand of God by purposely touching the ball with his hand to just managed to lightly touch it as the ball was so far away from him. Slovenia immediately took advantage of the one man advantage as well as the fact that Algeria was shell-shocked as Robert Koren shortly scored with a rather soft shot which the Algerian keeper failed to catch and smother. That’s the winning goal and now Slovenia is at the top of the Group C table.

PS: Robert Koren seemed to have attempted a low and soft shot as throughout the tournament, as well as throughout the Algeria vs Slovenia match, players have been trying to shoot from distance but the ball always flies way over the bar. Maybe it’s right that the ball has an effect after all. Also, the ball’s supposed “effects” will be scrutinized even more as England’s Robert Green made a goalkeeping gaffe which allowed the USA to equalize in their match while Jabulani was made scapegoat.

Written by cp

13/06/2010 at 21:50

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