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S. Korea 2-0 Greece World Cup 2010 Group B

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It was the opening match for Group B in World Cup 2010 with South Korea facing Greece at the newly built Nelson Mandela bay stadium. Judging from both team’s profiles, this match was expected to be a tight and cagey affair with both teams, especially the Greeks employing a defensive and cautious approach, and many including myself had expected this match to end all square with the scoreline of 1-1. Although two goals were indeed scored in the match, it wasn’t to be a draw as South Korea snatched a massive 2-0 victory against the Greeks. It was the South Koreans’ first victory in the World Cup outside of the Asian continent and also the first time they have won by 2 clear goals in the World Cup. This puts them in a very promising position to also go through from the World Cup Group Stage for the very first time outside of Asia.

Just like what we have seen in 2002, and if that World Cup was controversial (especially for Italians and Spaniards out there), we could even see in 2006 that there’s undoubtedly something special in the South Korean squad. They somehow have some kind of winning aura surrounding them. When they play, somehow we know beforehand that they are going to do well in the match, and thus a high chance of getting a victory no matter the opposition. Based on my observation, especially after this victory against Greece, this South Korea team is a very industrious, solid, matured, and they have a really good team chemistry. This group of players almost have some kind of telepathic understanding with one another. Their players such as Park Ji-Sung, Cha Du-Ri, Park Chu-Young just to name three are really skillful and able players. We have seen how at first Jung-Soo scored the first goal with his head and defeating the supposedly bigger and taller Greek defenders. This dispelled the Asian physical inferiority myth. Park Ji-Sung’s goal for South Korea’s second and killer goal also substantiated the kind of world class player that he is, after leaving two Greek defenders out cold with his dazzling pace and skills as well as leaving the Greek goalkeeper scrambling for nothing more than bits of soil on the ground. The full backs consisting of the striker turned right back Cha Du-Ri and the evergreen Lee Young-Pyo augmenting the South Korean attack perfectly.

In contrast, the Greek team seemed tired, old, and clumsy. A good analogy, especially in conjunction with their style of play would be that they are just like an artillery-worn and crumbling defensive wall. They no longer able to showcase their famed rigid defending which would draw any oppositions into submission such as how they showed the world in their Euro 2004 triumph, let alone showing the world how they were able to win matches by 1-0 scoreline which delivered the Euro trophy as well as shooting them to fame.

The Greeks were leaking goals, and thus it would totally deprived them of their only way to play and win the football game, in which to defend staunchingly until the enemy is worn out and then to score one unexpected goal from either a corner kick or a free kick. Since they were leaking goal, and since they don’t really have a plan B, there’s no way that Greek could win this game or any football game for that matter. Their lack of a back up plan and ways to get back into the match in general.

Also, if the South Korean players had their way in their barrages towards the Greek goal in the last ten minutes or so, it could have easily been a shameful thrashing by the Koreans. Thus, Greek’s World Cup scoring curse continues on as they have yet to find that first goal in the competition.

Now, South Korea is in a great position to go through from Group B as they only need to at least get one more point from the remaining two games, and not to take away anything from Nigeria, but it is attainable to get a point or even more from Nigeria and of course not ruling out an upset against Argentina if they have their way. As for Greece, things look bleak for now unless they are able to overturn their low morale and could formulate a great plan B in time for their remaining two games against Argentina and Nigeria.

Written by cp

12/06/2010 at 23:59

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