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Barcelona is a divine team

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Truly an amazing Sunday! Good football served at 4am. Good beauty sleep until early afternoon. Good food worthy of a King’s meal at noon, and now on the verge of writing a good post. OK, the last one is meant to be a joke, I love eating humble pies anyways.

Alright, enough about my personal perspective on Sunday.

Defying everything, from meticulous and careful analysis of many pundits around the globe, Real Madrid’s impsing home record and the sheer intimidation of Santiago Bernabeu itself, Barcelona also defied science by wreaking havoc on the order of the Galactico… er… Galaxy. The stars in the expensively assembled galaxy were simply jumbled up in a cruel and twisted manner frm their usual orbits. The stars were sent crushing against one another, simply powerless to defy the power of the mighty…. GODS!

Only Gods are able to jumble up the order of a galaxy, and Barcelona showed just why they are Gods by dismantling an entire ~300m pounds of a galaxy.

Real Madrid were simply powerless to stop Barcelona, with their mesmerizing, defence splitting pass for both goals of the night. No defence, not even Mars United would be able to see those crazy laser guided through passes as well as those calm finishing moves.

Real Madrid had a world class squad, to be fair to them.. But looking at the chances that they spurned, most notably tame and meek efforts from Xabi Alonso and Cristiano Ronaldo… We couldn’t help to think that the same two men who wreak havoc in the BPL not so long ago were only able to tamely shoot the ball over the bar or towards Victor Valdes’ safe hands. There were seemingly surreal powers at work in the Bernabeu, and the colors of the aura are blue and red!

No one can stop Messi… to be exact, no one can even dream of stopping Barca. A famous journalist proposed a double teaming strategy employed by Real Madrid to stop “El Mesias” during the match. But I think even if you double team Messi, Xavi will punish you severely. Double team both, and Dani ALves pops up from the right. Double team all three, Gerard Pique will pop up with a towering header. Stop all four of them and suddenly the young Pedro will score in a world class manner. If Madrid had decided to double team all five, which means employing all 10 outfield players, thus trying to just snatch a 0-0 draw, then perhaps, just perhaps, at least partly borrowing the words from Diego “God” Maradona himself, perhaps Jesus himself would descend from wherever he is and score with a bicycle kick past a hapless Casillas, with the ball creating a huge hole on the wall behind Casillas’ goal a la Captain Tsubasa.

Barcelona is a team of gods indeed. I won’t be surprised if the God of Football himself wears red and blue. But hey, he’s the manager of Argentina now, and HE DID play for Barca in the past. So yeah…

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11/04/2010 at 12:28

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