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MEdia’s focus on BEcks hurting Milan

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I have just realized why Man Utd was able to clinch the 3-2 victory in San Siro last night. Not that I am taking anything away from the famous victory in one of the Anglo-Italian battles in the Champs League last 16, but I feel that the aforementioned intense spotlight on Beckham by the media, especially English media prior to the match only served to hurt AC Milan and paved the way for Man Utd to clinch the victory.

Even a seasoned performer (and celebrity, much to Sir Alex’s ire) like Beckham would feel groggy and jittery when all the spotlights are focused on him. Besides, his effect on a game is minimal at best, except in the event of a direct free kick right outside of the opponents’ penalty box.

Also, since all spotlights are on Beckham, a Man Utd star benefited from the lack of attention, and it is none other than “San Siroo” (just like what some newspapers have proclaimed). Yes, Rooney benefited from the lack of media attention and duly delivered the goods to shoot Leonardo’s boys down.

I couldn’t help to think that the intense focus on Beckham was not really because he is so famous (he is!) but it was more of a ploy to help Man Utd (which is an English team) to progress. As expected, the English media forgets all about Becks after the match, and instead proclaiming Rooney as a saint (san Siroo).

Behold, the power of the media! For it can make or break a team’s chances in a competition as well as determining how a particular player(s) would perform in a game!

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17/02/2010 at 19:20

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