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What a scintillating matchday it was! I had just complained to a friend about how boring BPL have gotten, with “Mancheaters” United (sorry couldn’t help it) winning the title every year, and with BPL getting even worse than SPL as SPL at least have two contenders in Celtic and Rangers… and to quote Steve Bruce when he said that it is more interesting to watch the Coca Cola Championship than BPL as in the former, there are 10 teams who believe they can win the division, and for the latter, only 2-3 teams capable of winning the title with the rest of the division being shit-scared of relegation and 17th place is just the main aim of those teams and that a Europa League place is simply taken as a bonus.

How all those smaller and less heralded teams of BPL proved me wrong!!!

From the capitulation of Liverpool by the cellar-dweller Portsmouth, from the “bashing in the cottage” received by Man Utd players… But orders were restored upon glancing towards the Emirates Stadium and to a certain extent City of Manchester Stadium with both teams duly dispatching their respective opponents rather comfortably and not so comfortably for City… Another shock, albeit not as pleasant as those aforementioned ones above would be the rather unfair sacking of Mark Hughes. In my opinion, his sacking wasn’t a fair one as firstly, it came at the back of a hard earned victory in that 7 goals thriller against Sunderland, and secondly, for a team that has just been assembled from nothing, he has done remarkably well to make them perch comfortably in sixth position and just a few points adrift from the coveted top four spots. The thing is, Liverpool has been doing much worse than Man city, and yet Benitez is still their boss even until the time of writing!!! That’s as outrageous as it could be!

We shall see how long would ROberto Mancini last… It’s better be a long stay otherwise the Man City galaxy would fall the same way as how the first reign of Florentino PErez collapsed for Real Madrid’s first Galactico era back in 2006!

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20/12/2009 at 20:25

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