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Short view on the build-up of the Manchester Derby

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Ahead of the much hyped and awaited Manchester Derby, Sir Alex Ferguson has launched scathing attacks on Manchester City. Only recently, he claimed that Manchester City is an arrogant club, and a few days ago, Patrice Evra, Man Utd’s French left back claimed that Man City are not yet kings of Manchester. In my opinion, these attacks from the Man Utd camp collectively are just a routine mind-games plot by Ferguson to gain an edge over his rivals before a big match. When Evra launched his attack over the media a few days ago, personally I was not surprised and in fact, I kind of expected further attacks from the Man Utd by other players. However, today Ferguson himself stepped up to the plate and launched his wily mind-games attack on his cross-city rivals. More often than not, Ferguson wins his matches, especially big matches like this one before a ball has even been kicked. Sometimes, it might even trigger a massive breakdown of the opposing team. (One must surely remember how Kevin Keegan lost his cool in 1996 when he was in charge of Newcastle and more recently on how Rafael Benitez of Liverpool threw tantrum in a press conference, and both managers’ teams not only succumbed in the actual match with United, but they conceded the title as well). Manchester City have been warned, and considering how volatile their camp is at the moment, with massive egos (hint: Adebayor, Robinho et. al.) Man City fans could only hope that the match really starts at 0-0 and not trailing by one invisible “mind-games” goal.

Written by cp

18/09/2009 at 21:07

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